Sunday May 7th

The summer weather was here today. I went for a run in the afternoon when the temperature was at its peak, it was hot! I think it was up to 91ºF, I probably should’ve went for my run in the morning to be safer. Oh well, better than no run. I also forgot to take a photo of my lunch, oops.

I’ll be making a post on my Swedish meatball recipe this week, I think I’ll have it up on Wednesday so look out for that.

Saturday May 6th

All I have are food pictures today! 😛
I made a fresh batch of muffins, the recipe is in the post previous to this, check it out.

I went over to Lyndari’s today, she gave me some fresh basil from her herb garden. I immediately used it on dinner, hehe. I topped my spiced yogurt marinated chicken with it before pressing it in the George Foreman, it smelled amazing!
Kale salad for days from that picnic, but it’s really good.

Friday May 5th


Chris took me to his office’s picnic lunch today, which was at a lakeside park. The weather was perfect for it too. Wish I had taken some pictures down by the shore, but I still got some photos at a distance! What a nice day 🙂

I made a champagne cocktail for it, it was really simple: 1 bottle dry champagne, 1 bottle cranberry and wildberry juice, 1 bottle seltzer water, with some frozen strawberries and ice.

No workout for today! I plan on writing up my muffin recipe for tomorrow’s post.

Wednesday May 3rd

Crossfit day today again! We did something called the bear complex which is 5 moves done consecutively: power clean > front squat > push press > back squat > push press, 7 rounds, 1 round every minute. It was really tricky to push press from behind my head because I’d never done it before. HSPU = hand stand push up, except I can’t do hand stands so I do it off a box haha. Some day…….. 😛

Tuesday May 2nd

Tuesday! This is the last week for classes, next week is finals, had my last class in medical nutrition therapy in pediatrics today. Ready to get the finals down.

I went for a run before class and ran into a rabbit near the end of the trail. Surprisingly, it didn’t run away, it just froze as I got closer. I snapped some photos and left it alone, I was zoomed in all the way on phone so they’re not that great.

Monday May 1st

New Month, late post!

The data on my phone (AKA my camera) was corrupted and I lost a bunch of stuff, including a photo of my breakfast. Well, not much I can do about that I guess.

Crossfit day: I did 113 lbs for my deadlifts, I suppose I could’ve added more weight, maybe next time!

My bestie also started a blog too! Go check it out if you need something to brighten your day, or you just want to look at cool photos of some neat stuff: Just Things I Like by Lyndari. ❤