Monday May 1st

New Month, late post!

The data on my phone (AKA my camera) was corrupted and I lost a bunch of stuff, including a photo of my breakfast. Well, not much I can do about that I guess.

Crossfit day: I did 113 lbs for my deadlifts, I suppose I could’ve added more weight, maybe next time!

My bestie also started a blog too! Go check it out if you need something to brighten your day, or you just want to look at cool photos of some neat stuff: Just Things I Like by Lyndari. ❤

Sunday April 30th

Weather was a little unfriendly today, but I still went for a run. It was overcast and super windy, windy enough to provide resistance even lol.

Made some banana and yogurt muffins and Swedish meatballs for dinner. I substitute Greek yogurt in for the sour cream in the gravy though. It works well as long as you whisk a few spoonfuls of gravy into the yogurt first and then whisk the yogurt into the gravy after turning off the heat. I haven’t had the yogurt curdle on me as long as I add it like that.

Saturday April 29th

Not a real great day for photos! We were supposed to go up to the German fest, but unfortunately Chris had a lot of work for school to do. 😦

We ended up going over to Rabbit Hole for a couple of beers and to enjoy the nice weather for a bit though.

I didn’t work out, and just had leftovers all day. Also had some Nocello after dinner which is an Italian walnut liqueur, it’s sweet and makes a good dessert.
Note: Moderate alcohol consumption is 1 drink per day for women so I obviously had more than recommended today 😛

Friday April 28th

Hey hey, I’m a day late posting this! But it’s all here, hehe.

Did a lot of house keeping, and cooking. I made my favorite Indian curry, I even grind the seeds myself because it’s so much more flavorful. I totally recommend doing this if you can buy the whole seeds, I just use a cheap coffee grinder!

April 27th

Busy day, sandwiches aren’t the most satisfying meal to me but that’s what I had for lunch 😛
So, besides running I do CrossFit (GetCrossfit @ Roanoke), the workout is written up on the board every day, and that’s what we do.

My first post!

Hello internet! So here’s my first post. If you didn’t read my about page yet here’s what’s going on: This is going to be a blog with a mix of nutrition, fitness, and other stuff that’s going on with me.

I plan on providing a photo of all my food and activity daily (no cheating!), I’ll try to make them pretty and interesting while I’m at it, but I’m not terribly experienced in photography. I do cook most of my food so feel free to ask for recipes and I’ll make a post with the recipe and instructions.

Click on the photos to learn more!